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Lottie Animations engine for your Notifications.

LottieNotifications is an animation engine that can let you run Lotties (Animations) for your Notifications. You can think of it as a theming engine (e.g SnowBoard or Anemone) but instead of downloading Themes, you'll download Lotties (Animations) It's very easy to apply a Lottie, just download and install Lottie from your package manager (e.g. Cydia) then apply the Lottie from Lottie's section inside the tweak settings. (Just like when you download a theme and apply it using SnowBoard) It currently comes with some default Lotties but with time we will see tones of Lottie releases from our talented designer. You can either design Lotties using After Effect or if you don't know how to design then can download millions of free Lotties from Lottie's official website and use them in LottieStatusBar by following the guide below. Configure options from Settings. Compatible with iOS12, iOS13 & iOS14 Compatible with ColorBanner 3 and ColorMeNotifs How to make a compatible Lottie: • Create a folder called "YOUR_LOTTIE_NAME.lottie" and place it in /Library/Lotties/LottieNotifications/ • Your designed/downloaded animation should be in a "JSON" format • Rename "JSON" file to Banner.json and place it in "YOUR_LOTTIE_NAME.lottie" • Package your Lottie and release it on your repo. Animation Name: • Banner.json This package is FREE!

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